Our Facilities
v Imported IQF line capable of processing 8 MT/day  

Three stainless steel 60 minutes plate freezers-capacity - 32 MT/day


Three air blast freezers-capacity - 30 MT/day


In-house waste water treatment plant-approved by Pollution Control Board.


In house pre-processing plant, and additional pre-processing plant both approved by Export Inspection Council.


Two flake ice machines - ice production 40 MT/day

v Three integrated cold stores with capacity 360 MT
v An independent cold store of 700 MT capacity

Pre-Processing Facility


We have a well maintained in house pre-processing facility in our company. The pre-processing facility is integrated with processing section.


Processing Facility


The processing facility is integrated with the Pre-Processing section. Hence good quality is always maintained. 3 workers, operating in two shifts with the help of automatic grading machine ensure the correct grading of every batch of shrimps coming out of factory.


Freezing Section


The freezing arrangement is also integrated with processing section. There are three different units of contact plate freezers with capacity of 32 MT in 60 minutes, three airblast freezers of 10 MT each and an IQF Cooking line of capacity 400 Kg/hr.

The frozen cold storage is also integrated with the freezing section and the 3 cold stores operate with a capacity of 360 MT. A part from this, having an independant cold storage of 700 MT capacity.

Flake Ice

Geo Seafoods have at their disposal two flake ice machines with a capacity of 40 MT per day.

v Water Quality

Geo Seafoods strictly follows the water supplied by Government water authority for processing and ice manufacturing. The factory has got 3 lakh litres capacity per day and the quality of water and ice are consistently tested by the Central Institute of Fisheries technology, Government of India. Besides our own quality control lab tests the water once in every 10 days and proper records are maintained.


Effluent Treatment Plant


The Waste water generated during processing is treated using upflow anearobic reactors followed by activated sludge system. During this process organic matter present in the waste water is oxidised to harmless carbondioxide and water

v IQF Cooking Line

Steam cooking line of capacity 400 kg/hr, manufactured by Dantech Food system Pvt Ltd at Singapore . The system is having steam cooking, chilling, double belt IQF freezing, glazing, glaze hardening units.


Metal Detection

  Having two metal detectors in packing section which helps to remove the physical hazards like metal pieces.
v In Home Container Stuffing

The shipment to various countries is being done by In House Container Stuffing. Geo Seafoods has enough plugging facilities to maintain the temperature of the container steadily. The close proximity of Cochin port - just 2 kms from the factory is a major advantage